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I have been studying twitter political propaganda machine for a while now, trying to identify patterns and spot interesting behaviors. Here is what I found.

First of all the raw data can be accessed here

The spreadsheet above contains a number of keywords, most of these keywords are about controversial topics. With controversial I mean topics that would surely spark a debate or polarizing opinions.

The list of topics (or keywords) isn’t in any way complete and is mainly centered around propaganda for the Spanish elections happening this coming weekend.

My intention was showing that the political right wing “clamore” was just marketing generated content, crafted by agencies. Therefore I have collected tweets from five specific location around the world, namely: Caracas, Venezuela, New York, US, Miami, US, Guadalajara, Mexico, Haifa, Israel.

There isn’t a big rationale around why I have chosen these cities, and I am counting on adding more as I continue this.

My objective is eventually exposing the money trail behind political marketing.

If you are a journalist interested in data, please get in touch, I’d like to work more on this.